Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Drinking from the Firehose... again...

If you don't know, drinking from the firehose means that you are inundated with information and need to parse through and absorb it quickly.  Most typically it occurs in a difficult course or changing jobs.  Changing to starting your own company is no exception.

First order of business is almost always a business plan, but since I never "got" business plans  I picked up my first For Dummies book, Business Plans Kit for Dummies.  It's straightforward and reads like a work book, I'm finding it super useful so far.

Going through it is still exhausting and reminds me of a difficult college course, but it's worth it to pick up a new and highly needed skill.

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  1. I thought drinking from the firehose was the reward for finding the marble in the oatmeal.