Thursday, January 19, 2012

Buzzin': Buzzwords and Technologies from the January 2012 SVJUG

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So many technologies you'll be buzzin'.  This article will briefly summarize the meeting and the technologies mentioned.

So the Silicon Valley Java User's Group had a great meeting on January 18th at the Googleplex.  It was on a fairly advanced topic, Heroku.  James Ward delivered it and delivered it well, it was a whirlwind tour-de-force of a microcosm of Java and other technologies.  Heroku itself was described as PaaS, Cloud + Polyglot and in the course of the session, many, many other buzzwords (it wasn't really "buzz" in that it was actual informative content and not empty hype) and technologies were mentioned.  So many that they need some explanation and so many explanations that they need categories.

I hope that you enjoy drinking from the fire hose!  You definitely will if you need to ramp-up on these things.  I hope you found some use here or followed some of the links.  At the very least if you were already familiar with the 80 technologies listed (YES!  EIGHTY!) then you deserve a pat on the back (and probably a hefty salary!)