Monday, October 24, 2011

Facelets, Includes, Templates and Custom Tags

So I've been working with Facelets on a project recently and had to understand the differences and similarities between includes, templates, compositions, custom tags and define/inserts.  Jacob Hookom made a great blog post about this.

An include is self-explanatory, it is as if the included code was right there in the including page.  This applies to all variables and backing beans as well.

A composition lets you compose a section of html with a template and defines/inserts.  More specifically, a composition can use a template for the majority of the structure and then make some defines to "fill in" the specifics of the template.  The define is matched to the corresponding insert (they have the same name attribute).

A custom tag lets you easily reuse a composition.

What I've taken to doing is using a custom tag that has some inserts in it, so I can just use the tag and a few enclosed defines to create what I need.  This lets me keep all conditional JSTL tags (if, choose) away from the custom tag implementation.

All in all, I'm really starting to like it.

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